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p​ê​ssego do ver​ã​o

by Micah Gaugh

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e realmente, eu quero fazer um filme sobre os surfistas negros do Brasil, eu quero ser um surfista negro e descer um tubo ... isso pode não acontecer porque eu não gosto de pedras chão de vidro nos pés água quebrando no cabelo machuca mas é bom pra mim Black Surfers in Brazil ! pega onda teus beijos de cajú, tocam maracatu cabelo com tranças, sua pele é de cobre sua lingua de manga e nos vemos aqui no Brasil
Baby Dance 03:34
Kelly ran amuck while at the farm i had to duck the aeroplanes from up above the angels coming down the buildings crashing, just the thing to change my brain from one thing to another like the first who is that when i fix a flat, as the waist becomes the aww shucky, shucky no Kelly not in Russia Brazil or bust it's de janeiro picture you at the beach, swimming, nature, swimming, surfing swimming, nature, swimming, surfing yeah we make it pop in Rio de Janeiro never going to stop until the baby starts to dance know the beat is hot when the baby starts to dance going to hear that pop, the nature fades the scenario powdered plants for the part of the breeze that we felt on the velvet pelt designed for someone else just a little bit rustic on a fireplace a vase with a cart to start the party arty Knievel shook my hand i understand what it took to overlook the greed impede another jump the Grainger under cover peep these stripes and some come cachoeira climbing parque large dells of green and chairs stacked upon each other bus ride subway mountains got a hide away petrópolis, my metropolis, i'm superman in 31° celsius
The Rio 03:42
come with me straight down to the river i know you wanna take your clothes off in the white limousine straight bounce to the ounce trouble til the water runs out venha comigo direto à beira do rio eu sei que você quer se despir na limosine branca direto rebola a grama problemas até a água acabar
Revercity 03:22
this ebb and flow, you know, a city is sold stories told verse, stone and steel for real a ground dirt concrete soil is neat oil, cars, guitars some are stars i want to go dancing, i want to eat fancy a siren girls tease skirts and knees watching these things what a scene noisy, feelings, breathing freely noisy, feelings, breathing city
bateria muito forte uma carga de cavalo esta é minha tradução de uma vida rock star levanto no sábado (Micah cansado) e só vou dormir na terça levanto quinta-feira e só vou dormir domingo la festa no resta você me contou que eu faço o que você gosta começa na cozinha mas não faz as coisas comida come into the room the mast last longer a stronger filament got turntables able Clark Gable got nothing on this to kiss to the right last all night, detailed soldier, hold on, hold her patience the station to festival love down from above an angel you fell flesh and carnaval it's carnal y'all solidify the rest passed test second guess to gas and the like this mic not dropped i copped not caught sold out concert told spelled beat polly on the stripper pole Randall Island access soon to be fantasy island back trees over woods forest jungle lights appetite for rest on steps bend down then up, then down then up a soloist forthcoming
Find You 05:36
over there with the flowers in your hair and the time that we shared, who'd have guessed it was rare some nightmares you take care underwear my turn to see me bare my sensory is aware that you are gone so very sad i looked for you here and there and everywhere i don't know where to find you (find you, why can't i find you) even wine has to have its own time for the grapes to be right, it's a fragrance so light and my hand is in your hand as we walk throughout the land and the grapes on the path marked the trail of our hearts while we slept spray perfume on your neck for me (why don't you spray a little bit) while we lay near the fortress in the day and your dress is so white we can find all the scents of the perfume the stars where you're parking the car i can see who you are in the moonlight, i bet it is your smell
round and round the helmet goes off to chase the weasel round and round the building it goes pop art the easel i came here to see what'd happen and now let's continue slapping while we're grinding wildly in the rue and i promise you we run, we run 2,3,4 we run 4,5 we run 6,7,8, and 9 everybody clap til they fall in line let drummers wear a hat on time trumpets where they at here they are on a dime negro leal or Negro Leo she is legal and you are lego lego's disbelief in the show as in though, if you're smothering me then you know then you'll hang out for a little bit more i'll hang out til i finish this tour we're making movies but Hank shows the door and as you can see we can open four more hangout with people that are around you and do anything that you want to do, but you thought that you were faix like that faix with Kabbalah faix gone to LáLá tranquilão... vamos empoderar o pobre vamos empoderar o preto
as vezes quando com sono vemos penas baixando achar paz em você buscar sabedoria eu cedi pêssego do verão pêssego verão buscando você deixando você as vezes quando nós brigamos vemos penas baixando achar paz em você
In the Mist 03:29
i talked with her and she said she likes you because she likes to do the things that you do like climbing mountains and a camp in the gorge a bird above and a hot air balloon we took a ride in the jeep with Luiz a trip that showed me places i've never seen we look in back and the baby is there, it's very hot but i don't even care i'm hanging out with my friends in Brazil, there's Maristela she's the star of the north we love the friendship and each other's support while painting pictures making art in the loft my friends and i in Brazil
ontem a noite foi grande pode ver que você veio pra casa comigo minha visão foi tão facilmente uma mudança em sua sutileza peguei sua perna, seu cabelo estava lindo seus dedos se mostraram você disse toca por favor ontem a noite foi grande pode ver que você veio pra casa comigo meu coração se abriu espada suas palavras eu ouvi orchídea a cama canto as cordas do meu coração você tocou esperando esta benção deslizando-se tão facilmente pode ser amigos
eu chego à LáLá e depois eu nado em frente do Dinha, Barra e Ondina acarajé eu como não sou vagabundo principe vaqueiro, cangaceiro a chuva se toca na tierra amanhã berimbau leva cidade de baixo, vermelha bailarina samba reggae, beijo abraço meu cavalo mora na praia, meu cavalo corre rapidamente como uma arraia e conheço que Bahia ella plaza pra mia tudo bom Thiago, eu toco com Juninho DJ Maths Carmo, Suzi Quatro Tons nos vemos
Carajá, Bororo, Tapirapé vem comigo ao Shopping Barra vem comprar muitas cuecas e depois na natação com você mergulha com peixe tubarão camarão vem pra Barra chega de chuva e depois na natação com você Carajá, Bororo, Tapirapé um chapéu que você vê em Rio de Janeiro com um turbante na cabeça como Carmen, Carmen Miranda e samba o dia todo, com chapéus de frutas
so all these tourists coming in favelas you can ask a question and we got something to tell you that when we get done there will be money all up in here just like you hole it up when you add to your career so you have so much, no i'm no preaching, but when we get done, i guess we'll all be reaching for the fun we keep away, from the others keep at bay, for the fun so you claim that you have fame you have cars and aeroplanes, but do you have a village with people who are insane i guess that i have one or about a thousand plus and when i get down yo you're eating this dust like Lampião, cut off my head and i'll grow another one cause i'm coming on down like a tetrahedron the order after order, depois i say a fora i see carnaval and don't you know i'm gonna run out to the street like a maniac you know i got the rhythm samba, ijexá, maracatu, when you get done then i'm wandering then you look at you like the palhaço who you found the palhaço is a clown falling on down til i got a parachute yo you thought it was done looking for gargoyles tomorrow and when we get finished well you know that there will be no sorrow, we'll be coming in favelas bringing it up to the top you got a mansion, check the corner there's a bus stop you still got questions, who's got any questions, are there any questions? it's the cangaceiro bunny jumping round cuecas when i drop it to the ground then i say no muñecas i guess we got one more verse and Negro Leo but we did not rehearse so we still have to go but i thought about it for a little while maybe a year or so, sixteen Brazilian dream now you see how i roll, i got the castle over there, i got the pool on the side when you come on down then you can take a ride on roller coasters that we built yes you can find it by the park and when i'm done Dollhunter, you will see him in the forest sparking like a hunter, any questions?


(c) 2016 UT NOSTI


released January 24, 2016

> all songs by Micah Gaugh, with Junix_11 (4), Marietta (1, 8, 11, 12), Hank Schroy (1, 3, 10, 11), Fernanda Gomes (8, 11), Fernando 'Fefe' Gurman (8)
> produced by Hank Schroy, with Arto Lindsay, Gabriel Cyr, Junix_11, Leon Gruenbaum, Micah Gaugh
> mixed by Hank Schroy
> mastered by Josh Derry
> musicians: Micah Gaugh, Hank Schroy, Junix_11, Gabriel Cyr, Arto Lindsay, Jorge Amorim, Renato Godoy, Indio da Cuica, Gabriel Ballesté, Pitter Rocha, Negro Leo, Maristela Müller, Vinia Mojica, Ava Rocha, Fredrick Sanders, Maths Carmo, Suzi Quatro Tons, Luqmon Brown, Leon Gruenbaum, Cassius Augusto, Carmen Alves
> recorded at: ChezSophia (RJ), AMNIX (Salvador), Samchillian (NY), Marini (RJ), Maravilha 8 (RJ), Buddabug Records (NY), Audio Rebel (RJ), LáLá Multiespaço (Salvador), WR Studios (Salvador), Hai Rex (Dallas)
> thanks to: Kassin, Berna Ceppas, DJ Soulslinger, Bernardo Oliveira, Pedro Azevedo, Martin Scian, Marcos Campello, Andy Chiles
> album photo by KAR
> graphic design by Mariana Mansur


all rights reserved



Micah Gaugh Dallas, Texas

Micah Gaugh has collaborated with Lady Miss Kier, John Zorn, Cecil Taylor, P-Funk, Bootsy, Me'shell, Burnt Sugar, Dj Logic, Harriet Tubman, Thurston Moore, Jean Paul Bourelly, Bernard Wright, Junior Mac, M.F. Doom, Saul Williams, David Murray, 'Butch' Morris, Moreno Veloso, Lauryn Hill, The Roots, Arto Lindsay, Marc Ribot, James ‘Blood’ Ulmer, Melvin Gibbs, Vernon Reid and many others. ... more

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